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“Søjus1” is an album that begins with a departure. A mutual friend, suffering from a fatal illness and attempting to come to grips with his situation by writing prose and poetry, had invited to a farewell party and reading. That was when Ralf Müller and Simon Arnold met each other.

Ralf Müller is firmly rooted in the club music of the turn of the century. Going by the name of “Sonorous“ he released House music records, was booked around the world as a DJ and did remixes for Sinéad O’Connor, Dario G. and Heather Nova. Simon Arnold is a jazz drummer, playing as part of the Matthias Rethberg Trio at the time, and writing music scores for film.

In a way, the musical genres of Techno and Jazz collide in the form of these two men. Five years later, however, the result has very little to do with either of them. “Søjus1” unfolds a screen upon which traces of Miles Davis, Pink Floyd and Can emerge, clever pop songs spring up and crashing eruptions take place — all amidst soundscapes from Ambient and Industrial, synths and piano, intricate drum patterns and voice samples. The packaging is a dirty sound aesthetic reminiscent of old-school Hip Hop, of Portishead, Massive Attack and DJ Shadow. As a listener, one feels and gropes one’s way through the analogue warmth of this record. It is almost as if one can physically touch the music and follow it to other places.

Ralf and Simon’s first encounter and the texts being read that night laid down the thematic concept for the album. It deals with the passing through different phases of human crises — from political dimensions of conflict and war through to the dual relationship of lovers and the existential engagement with oneself. The narration itself remains blurry and associative. Lyrics and the vocals in general are never at the center of the song on “Søjus1”. Noises, rhythms, instruments and samples function as insinuations and metaphors. Across the individual tracks, the listener follows an emotional arc of suspense, reaching its energetic climax on “006” and arriving at the quiet and peaceful endpoint of “018” that feels like the movie scene of a funeral.

The two musician’s initial intention had been to create an album from the poetry and prose of their now deceased friend. But with the process of its creation taking up three years, their own emotions and personal crises were bound to gradually seep into the music. “013” is the only track left on the album reminiscent of the initial approach. Everything else has been reimagined or reshaped. Thereby, “Søjus1” has unintentionally become an album about the traces and imprints a person leaves behind in this world. They don’t stand on their own. Instead, they overlap and amalgamate with those of others. They harbor causes, origins, and impulses that may only fully manifest itself in the life and work of others. In the case of “Søjus1” they are being turned into music — orbiting a broken earth like a satellite, translating its all-encompassing perspective into a restless chain of associations of rhythm, sound, and text, binding them all together in a sad and opaque beauty.


released July 25, 2015

Written by Søjus1 except “003”, “006” and “008” written by Søjus1 and Dan Morro, “013” lyrics by Friedrich Eilzer.


Dan Morro: Vocals on “003”, “006”, “008”
Inéz: Vocals on “030”
Michael Noack: Radio Voice on “013” (michael-noack.com)
Christoph Hutter: Double Bass on “003”, “013”
Lev Leopoldowitzsch: Background Vocals on “030”

Produced by Søjus1.
Recorded and mixed by Ralf Müller (sonorous.de). 

Mastered by Norman Nitzsche at Calyx Mastering.

Artwork by Søjus1 kindly supported by Kathrin Jachmann.

© 2015 Sonorous


all rights reserved



Søjus1 Dresden, Germany

Søjus1 is a Dresden-based artist duo: Simon Arnold and Ralf Müller.

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Track Name: 003 (feat. i Am Halo)
i see you now disappear

wishing i could hold you back
i see you then walk my dreams
hoping that i could sleep forever

i see you disappear now

wishing i could hold you back

i see you walking my dreams
hoping i could sleep forever

it’s like you stole a part of me
it’s like a quiet storm inside me
it’s too dark and i long for you
it’s too dark down here.
Track Name: 006 (feat. i Am Halo)
you're someone to hide with
you're someone to die for
you're someone to hold close
you're someone to look after

start to swim
we all swim
i swim
we all swim

you're someone to hold close
you're someone to look after
you are
i'm waiting to ride with you
to unknown shores
to unknown laughter
to unknown frequencies
to unknown start

please now don’t you die
you would never be with me
this love will never die
only our bodies wither
i will always find you again
the next life
this love will never die
only our bodies wither
i will always find you again
so goodbye
Track Name: 032
everything he has, he gives away

and now? before he dies,
what is it now?

it’s a dream — a nightmare
Track Name: 013
the battle has been fought
the war is over
a deep silence falls
no words, no whispers
not even a sob can be heard
the men walk slowly
there’s no hurry
not anymore
they fought bravely
facing fear, struggling for life
without dripping over morality
and despite defeat, they can look each other in the eye
those who start a fight risk losing
but now the war is over

(In memory of Friedrich 1987—2010.)
Track Name: 030
his look gives me everything
but i can’t see it
his word wants to reach me
but i can’t hear it
he believes i’m an angel, but i’m not!

i want to leave me
i want to leave you
can’t get no sleep

i’m escaping from your gaze
but it’s a hopeless quest
the reflection in your eyes
shows the thorn in my bloody chest

i want to leave me.
i want to leave you
but i can not move

i hate myself,
nights and days are dark
i tear out the thorn
and push it into his heart
’cause there’s no other way,
this is me!
Track Name: 008
ancient heart beating slow
don't give up because
it's not too late to feel love
got to find the source

you can make it through the fog
your senses will fade
ancient one you can see
the light of a new day!

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